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So, What's SEO?

SEO (or ‘Search Engine Optimization’) is the complicated but necessary tool to get your website ranking on SERPs (or ‘Search Engine Results Pages’) like our trusty friend, Google.

The pages at the top didn't just get up there by luck. They had an entire SEO marketing plan. The higher your site appears on the search results, the more likely a potential customer will visit your page. SEO is one of, if not the most important, aspects of your online presence. You have your website, but how are people going to find you? If a potential client is looking for something, where are they going to go? Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. We make sure you’re who they find with SEO. 

Search engines, and Google especially, have high standards and strict indicators when ranking websites. So, what does Google take into consideration when ranking a website.

  • Content 
  • Mobile-Friendly 
  • Speed 
  • Reviews

These are only a few but important SEO factors search engines look at when you want to increase your page rank. 

Now, what are the other SEO factors search engines look for?

There are 2 different parts of SEO, on page SEO and off page SEO. 

On page SEO involves doing things such as adding headers with relevant keywords, tagging images with appropriate alt tags and captions, and including a substantial meta description. On page SEO is essentially optimizing the actual content and images on the pages of a website.

Off page SEO is often more challenging than on page. Off page includes links that direct back to your site and citations on other websites. In addition to link and citations, off page SEO involves the structure of your website and the authority, or power, given by search engines.

Both on and off page SEO work together to make sure your website is found online.

SDB Creative Group is the SEO agency you want working for you. SEO is a vital process in the success of business. Don’t trust just anyone when it comes to your online presence.  We know what it takes to get you to the top and we’ll make sure you’re found and chosen.